Face Lifting

Within the course of aging, facial structures and volume tend to shift downwards.

This is due to the deformities in facial skeleton and soft tissues, loss of soft tissue support, and cumulative effect of gravity. This shift mostly affects the tissue layer beneath the facial skin, which contains fatty tissue, some ligaments and mimic muscles. The changes in this layer lead to deepening of some previously existing lines, and distortion of facial contours, jawlines and neck contours. With the addition of fine wrinkles and superficial skin irregularities, the “old” looking face effect becomes inevitable.

The aging face is rejuvenated by dealing with each deformity separately, and finding specific solutions for every single component of the problem. Modern face lifting techniques aim to reposition the facial anatomic structures to their original (youth) positions, rather than just tightening the facial skin. An incision which is located just anterior to the ear and sometimes extends behind the earlobe is used for exposure to these anatomic structures. This incision is almost invisible in the long term. In the post-operative period, the swelling and bruising of the face will heal in a week, and the patient can return to daily social life. The results will start to settle within a few months.

Face-lifting is generally performed in combination with eyelid correction (blepharoplasty). Complementary interventions like botox, injectible fillers, fat injections and laser resurfacing will contribute to the quality of the results. In all of these applications, the main goal is to restore youth without loosing naturality.



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“I am very happy with my result and I will highly recommend him.”

Treatment Received:
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Five star

Reviewed 10 May 2016
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“I have always had insecurities regarding my body as I had a very boyish body. I was very straight with no curves. My friend got her body done by Dr Mertin in Istanbul and when I saw her body I knew it was time to do something about my own. I contacted dr Mertin and him and his team were very helpful and consulted me regarding the procedure I want which was a Bbl. Dr Mertin was very professional and he explained everything in details before the surgery. He understood exactly what I wanted my body to look like. I suffer from sickle cell so he made sure he explained to me what he can and cannot do due to my sickness which was very professional as it was not about the money but he cared about my well being. The aftercare was fantastic he made sure he checked up on me everyday I was in the hospital and after I left the hospital. All the staff was supper friendly. Even when I got back to London they still checked up on me to see how I was doing. I am very happy with my result and I will highly recommend him.

My experience at the clinic was very pleasant. All the staff was super friendly and they really cared for me and made me feel at home. My room was really nice and it didn’t have that horrible hospital stay which was really good.”

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