Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser technology, which is used for numerous purposes in different medical specialities, plays a major role in aesthetic surgery too.

In cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic surgery, lasers are commonly used for many indications such as skin discoloration and freckle treatment, epilation, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, scar treatment, and treatment of vascular lesions.

The effect of laser on skin, is related to the controlled thermal damage areas it creates. It evaporates the superficial layer of the skin and creates high-temperature heat columns through the deep layer. These damaged areas activate the wound healing process in the skin, resulting in destruction of the existing skin, and of course replacement with a refreshed, new skin layer. Modern lasers give us the ability to control the skin damage in a very detailed fashion. These devices are adaptable to all skin types and they can be used in many different depths, letting us to do selective applications.

Laser skin resurfacing is most commonly planned for the rejuvenation face, neck, and hands. The “smoothing” effect of laser makes it also useful for the treatment of scars, pits and pores, resulting in a clear and bright skin. Facial rejuvenation is done in 1 to 3 sessions, and is preferably repeated once a year. Scar therapy may need additional sessions depending on the depth and severity of the scar.



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Reviews of the past patients who had been operated already


“I am super happy with the look of both my breast and tummy”

Treatment Received:
Mommy Makeover

Five star

Reviewed 08 Feb 2016
Review verified by phone.

“I am Kani from Iraq I had a surgery on 30/11/ 2015. And I’m very satisfied with my results. Dr. Metin Kerem has changed my body for 200% better. I had saggy breasts, fat rolls around my waist and a tummy that looked like I gave birth to ten children, now just everything is perfect, breasts very natural (implants and fat)! My fat rolls are gone. I have a much slimmer waistline and my tummy looks fantastic, flat and even the stretchmarks are 90% gone. Everybody of the team has been very nice they helped me a lot especially Ferve! Feel perfect now.

I had a great experience with Dr. Metin and the staff they are very friendly. Everybody was very kind and professional. Choice of this clinic was the right decision to make I am super happy with the look of both my breast and tummy. The scars are very delicate. I would recommend Dr.Metinto any of my friends or family. Thank you so much Doctor.
And a big thank you to Ferve amazing people.
Great experience overall .”


“Overjoyed by the results”

Treatment Received:

Five star

Reviewed 27 Nov 2015
Review verified by phone and email.

“Recently underwent abdominal and flank liposuction treatment. Booked into a 3 day treatment plan. Consultation was friendly clear and precise, clinic was comfortable and clean. Doctors and staff always on hand for advice

Fantastic. Overjoyed by the results. The team were always on hand from assisting in the U.K. To the procedure with great aftercare. Great value as well. Would definitely recommend this company to anybody.”


“Lifted my confidence as I look and feel good”

Treatment Received:
Fat Transfer

Five star

Reviewed 07 Dec 2015
Review verified by phone.

“Had a liposuction and fat transfer to the upper part of my bum on the 17th of November it’s almost a month since my treatment, it had lifted my confidence I feel and look good glad I did it the experience was amazing.

It took me almost 6 months to go through with the treatment kept consulting with ferv whiles in the uk I kept changing my mind,ferv was ever so patient never forceful and very attentive.

When I finally made a solid decision she booked my treatment and my accommodation along with transfer that eased the stress.

My hotel was very nice along with the staff, I had a nice big room. I hightly recommend Harbiye residence I intend to stay there again on my next visit.

The clinic was very clean and accommodating everything looks better in person Dr kerem explained everything clearly set by set him and is staffs were very welcoming and professional.

The hospital was very clean the staff were very helpful and attentive I felt spoilt 🙂

I took a big risk going on my own
But throughout my experience I never felt alone
I enjoyed my experience!

Experience it for yourself you won’t regret it!

I’m back again in may next year with a few other we all having something done:)
If you want to go in may a feel a little worried you can always come along with me
But as I said I went alone and I felt safe.”

Dr. Metin Kerem Plastic Surgery Center
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European Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Metin Kerem is in charge of all invasive-and non invasive procedures himself, on a patient-oriented basis. All minimal invasive procedures are undertaken in the clinic, while invasive surgical procedures are done in a fully equipped hospital, specially designed for plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Metin Kerem welcomes patients from all over the world, for an exciting touch to face and body aesthetics.