Lip Aesthetics

Lips are probably the most important complementary elements that contribute to overall facial aesthetics.

They are also accepted to be sexual figures, which have an ability to attract the opposite sex for both genders. This social role of the lips arises the desire to make them more attractive or striking.

Volume, shape and harmony with the overall facial look are the three main factors that are of key importance about lip aesthetics. No matter how thick or prominent it is, if the lips do not fit well to the general architecture of the face, they will look definitely unnatural. For this reason, lip alterations should be planned very carefully and modestly.

Lip shaping is usually done with synthetic injectibles today. These injectible fillers are made up of “hyaluronic acid”, which is one of the natural components of the human connective tissue. As hyaluronic acid has a natural turnover cycle within the body, the injected extra volume slightly fades away within time and totally vanishes by the end of one year. The injection needs to be repeated afterwards.

Another popular way of lip augmentation is fat injection. Since the lips have a very rich blood supply, the grafted fat almost totally survives in this area. It has a longer lasting effect, but the application is a little bit more traumatic.

If one seeks a permanent solution for lip augmentation, then permanent lip implants should be considered as an option. Lip implants are made of silicone, and have their own shape. They are inserted to the lip through almost invisible incisions and stay there for a lifetime. If the patient has any complaint about the implant, it can be removed within minutes.



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Reviews of the past patients who had been operated already


“Great experience throughout!”

Treatment Received:

Five star

Reviewed 17 Apr 2016
Review confirmed by phone.

“I booked in for my rhinoplasty operarion on the 6th January. At the consultation (day before) he spoke about what needed to be done to my nose, he put everything into words of what needed done, which I knew and couldn’t explain myself. It is now 3 months post op I am very happy with the result which is so natural already, noone can tell its a ‘done’ nose, there is still them for it to improve further. The OVERALL service was excelllent throughout. I would definately come back to Dr Kerem if any future surgeries are necessary!

Great experience throughout! The clinic was clean, anasthesia was easy, I was asleep before I got to the operating theatre. After the operation, when I woke up I was given some lovely vegetarian food. All staff were polite and friendly, they looked after me all night, giving me ice and pain prevention. X”


“I am super happy with the look of both my breast and tummy”

Treatment Received:
Mommy Makeover

Five star

Reviewed 08 Feb 2016
Review verified by phone.

“I am Kani from Iraq I had a surgery on 30/11/ 2015. And I’m very satisfied with my results. Dr. Metin Kerem has changed my body for 200% better. I had saggy breasts, fat rolls around my waist and a tummy that looked like I gave birth to ten children, now just everything is perfect, breasts very natural (implants and fat)! My fat rolls are gone. I have a much slimmer waistline and my tummy looks fantastic, flat and even the stretchmarks are 90% gone. Everybody of the team has been very nice they helped me a lot especially Ferve! Feel perfect now.

I had a great experience with Dr. Metin and the staff they are very friendly. Everybody was very kind and professional. Choice of this clinic was the right decision to make I am super happy with the look of both my breast and tummy. The scars are very delicate. I would recommend Dr.Metinto any of my friends or family. Thank you so much Doctor.
And a big thank you to Ferve amazing people.
Great experience overall .”


“Lifted my confidence as I look and feel good”

Treatment Received:
Fat Transfer

Five star

Reviewed 07 Dec 2015
Review verified by phone.

“Had a liposuction and fat transfer to the upper part of my bum on the 17th of November it’s almost a month since my treatment, it had lifted my confidence I feel and look good glad I did it the experience was amazing.

It took me almost 6 months to go through with the treatment kept consulting with ferv whiles in the uk I kept changing my mind,ferv was ever so patient never forceful and very attentive.

When I finally made a solid decision she booked my treatment and my accommodation along with transfer that eased the stress.

My hotel was very nice along with the staff, I had a nice big room. I hightly recommend Harbiye residence I intend to stay there again on my next visit.

The clinic was very clean and accommodating everything looks better in person Dr kerem explained everything clearly set by set him and is staffs were very welcoming and professional.

The hospital was very clean the staff were very helpful and attentive I felt spoilt 🙂

I took a big risk going on my own
But throughout my experience I never felt alone
I enjoyed my experience!

Experience it for yourself you won’t regret it!

I’m back again in may next year with a few other we all having something done:)
If you want to go in may a feel a little worried you can always come along with me
But as I said I went alone and I felt safe.”

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