Liposuction & Laser Liposuction

“Body beauty” is a perception which depends on the neatness and harmony of the contour and silhouette lines of the body.

Generally, female body has a more curvy and elegant architecture, while the male body has stronger and straight lines. Generally, fat deposits which distort this main theme in both sexes, are mainly responsible for unpleasant overall body image. These local fat bulks are usually resistant to weight loss.

Even though there are a lot of non-invasive methods which are advertised as “miracle” or “exact solution”, one should know that the only real way to get rid of regional fat is to physically remove the fat bulk. Today, the most commonly used technique for this purpose is liposuction. Liposuction is simply marking the unwanted fat area, destroying the fatty tissue by an instrument called “cannula” and aspirating out the destroyed fat.This is not an open operation, the cannula is introduced through 2 mm long entry punctures. Depending on the amount of tissue to be removed, hospital stay may not be needed.

Due to latest technological improvements, there have been some innovations this popular area of plastic surgery within the last decade. Some systems that use ultrasonic waves and laser to destroy the fatty tissue, have been introduced to daily practice. Among all these, laser liposuction is the most popular method scientifically. Here, the fatty tissue is destroyed by laser light, in a more controlled and homogenous way. On the other hand, by the help of “dual wavelength” technology, the overlying skin is significantly tightened. This technique can be used in combination with classical liposuction, and can be applied under local anesthesia for limited areas. It is generally an outpatient operation.

Following liposuction and laser liposuction operations, the patient is advised to wear an elastic corset for 3 weeks, which pushes the tissues to heal with more regular contours. The patient can return to daily life immediately after the operation, but the final result needs at least 6 months to be clear.

Liposuction: What You Should Know – Video

Dr. Metin Kerem explains the procedure and answers common questions about liposuction including how much fat can be removed in one session and the recovery period.

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Reviews of the past patients who had been operated already

Saudi Arabia

“The results are exactly what I wanted and hoped for”

Treatment Received:

Five star

Reviewed 22 Jul 2016
Review verified by phone.

“A plastic surgery could be either the best thing that you do to your body or the worst thing; it all depends on your doctor his opinions and talents. Dr. Metin kerem and his staff; the lovely Fatos and Ferve they were more than helpful before and during my recovering time. I’ve done liposuction to the back, flanks and abdomen .What I like about Dr.Metin is that he did not sugarcoat anything of skip any detail which I found reassuring. The results are exactly what I wanted and hoped for. I will definitely go back one day for more action. I surely recommend this hospital and this procedure.

All in all it’s been a great experience with amazing results.”


“Would return again if I needed to!”

Treatment Received:

Five star

Reviewed 21 Jul 2016
Verified Whatclinic user. Review confirmed by phone and email.

“I went for vaser liposuction of the stomach, hips, back and thighs and the results are just as I wanted! I’ve had lots of support since I’ve been back in England and Dr Kerem made me feel very comfortable. Would return again if I needed to!

Dr Kerem and his team have been excellent. They have dealt with all my worries and questions and my results are looking amazing! I’m more than happy to recommend him to others for vaser lipo”


“Lifted my confidence as I look and feel good”

Treatment Received:
Fat Transfer

Five star

Reviewed 07 Dec 2015
Review verified by phone.

“Had a liposuction and fat transfer to the upper part of my bum on the 17th of November it’s almost a month since my treatment, it had lifted my confidence I feel and look good glad I did it the experience was amazing.

It took me almost 6 months to go through with the treatment kept consulting with ferv whiles in the uk I kept changing my mind,ferv was ever so patient never forceful and very attentive.

When I finally made a solid decision she booked my treatment and my accommodation along with transfer that eased the stress.

My hotel was very nice along with the staff, I had a nice big room. I hightly recommend Harbiye residence I intend to stay there again on my next visit.

The clinic was very clean and accommodating everything looks better in person Dr kerem explained everything clearly set by set him and is staffs were very welcoming and professional.

The hospital was very clean the staff were very helpful and attentive I felt spoilt 🙂

I took a big risk going on my own
But throughout my experience I never felt alone
I enjoyed my experience!

Experience it for yourself you won’t regret it!

I’m back again in may next year with a few other we all having something done:)
If you want to go in may a feel a little worried you can always come along with me
But as I said I went alone and I felt safe.”


“Overjoyed by the results”

Treatment Received:

Five star

Reviewed 27 Nov 2015
Review verified by phone and email.

“Recently underwent abdominal and flank liposuction treatment. Booked into a 3 day treatment plan. Consultation was friendly clear and precise, clinic was comfortable and clean. Doctors and staff always on hand for advice

Fantastic. Overjoyed by the results. The team were always on hand from assisting in the U.K. To the procedure with great aftercare. Great value as well. Would definitely recommend this company to anybody.”

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