Temperature Controlled Radio Frequency

The Thermi-RF system, which has been developed by the American Thermi Aesthetics company, is currently the most effective technology for non-surgical face-lifting, non-surgical neck-lifting, cellulite treatment, tissue tightening and permanent armpit sweating treatment. It is the only system that has an FDA – clearance and scientific background for all the mentioned treatments.


  • Thermi-RF applications are done in only one session.
  • It does not require general anesthesia, can be comfortably performed under local anesthesia under sterile conditions.
  • Downtime is very short and smooth.
  • Continuous temperature monitoring avoids any user fault, with a complication rate of almost 0%.
  • For patients who do not want to be operated, or cannot be operated due to health conditions, this can be considered as an effective alternative.
How Does the Thermi RF System Work?

The operation principle of the system is based on heating the target tissue up to a particular temperature by means of radio frequency energy, and triggering some biological rejuvenation events.

Depending on the targeted effect, this heating can tighten facial&neck subcutaneous tissues, melt unwanted fat, break cellulite bands, discard unwanted sweat glands, and sometimes inactivate some nerves on purpose (permanent botox effect).

Target temperatures vary depending on the purpose, and the system provides a 100% safety against iatrogenic thermal burns, by checking the tissue temperature 12 times per second.

Temperature Controlled Radio Frequency

What does Thermi RF do?

Thermi RF system is used for 4 main purposes and the applications are named according to this:

Injectable RF for Skin Laxity


As its name simply tells, Thermi Lift is a tissue tightening system. It’s used mainly for non surgical face lifting, non surgical neck lifting and tightening the loose areas in the body (e.g. arms, inner thighs, abdomen).

Injectable RF for Frown Lines


In order to treat the mimic-induced fine wrinkles, injection applications are used very frequently and effectively all around the world today. One drawback of this, is the need to repeat the injections every 4 to 6 months.

Injectable RF for Armpit Sweating


This is the most effective non-surgical single session treatment for armpit sweating. Thermi-Dry heats up the sweat glands to a temperature which damages them permanently, ending up with a dry armpit.

Non-invasive Skin Smoothing


Thermi-smooth is a simple external application, which revitalizes the tired face, reduces fine wrinkles and improves the skin tone. This is a refreshing massage which uses mild heat to induce cellular regeneration and strengthening of the skin.

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